About MechaTechnica

MechaTechnica(MT) is the personal website of Roberto Orellana. I designed it as a place to share my technical knowledge that I learned as a software engineer. I focus on many areas, but my main interest is Artificial Inteligence.

Artificial Intelligence has been a dream for me since I was a child. I've dreamed when one day, we will be able to make sophisticated robots which can help people in their everyday lives. Such a belief, however, is not without its criticism. I personally believe, if done correctly, that fully automated intelligent robots can be a benefit to society. My intention for this website is to make it a platform where like-minded believers in AI can share their knowledge. There are other sites which attempt do the same, however, I believe they take the wrong approach. My approach to AI is more biologically inspired. The answers to full AI are already out there, we simply need to figure out how they work - essentially, the problem is reverse engineering nature. I hope you agree in this approach and join me in this endeavor.

Special thanks to:

  • The StackOverflow community. Without their large knowledge database, launching this site would have been far more difficult
  • Thanks to Huy Nguyen for letting me use TexPaste to aid building equations with MathJax. I used TexPaste to help write equations in the editor. You can find out more about Hui's UI at
  • Thanks to the guys at bootstrap-wysiwyg for providing a nice editor for this site to use !
  • More updates and features coming soon

    est. December 6, 2013